Is bubble bath ok for my water?



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    Bubble baths, which are highly fragranced, have the greatest potential to cause skin irritation, allergic skin reactions and headaches. In the U.S., they carry a health warning alerting users to the possibility of skin irritation and urinary tract infections.

    Body washes essentially contain the same basic ingredients as bubble bath. Soaking in any bath product will prolong its contact with your skin, increasing the risk that chemicals will be absorbed. Both bubble baths and shower gels have the potential to penetrate the skin and lungs.

    To be safe, look for organic bubble bath soaps. Pristine Planet (see link below) offers an array of all natural bubble baths that promote your physical and mental heath!

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    Like very many home bath products, bubble bath can contain chemicals harmful to both consumers and the environment. Bubble baths contain surfactant chemicals to produce bubbles and preserve the product, which can include TEA (triethanolamine), and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates), in addition to harmful parabens and pthalates common to soaps and beauty products. Many of these chemicals are petroluem-derived, contributing to the extraction of fossil fuels, non-biodegradable, and can irritate sensitive skin. Look for bubble baths marked with a USDA Organic seal to avoid these harmful chemicals and green your bath time.

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