Browning Leaves on my Katsura Tree

I purchased this Katsura tree last summer and it was doing well up until the third week when the leaves turned brown and went completely bare. Resorting to the “shock syndrom” I waited until the following summer to see what would happen. Well it came back, not as full as it was doing very well. Now in the 2nd month of a very hot summer it is suffering with brown falling leaves yet again. I have watered it every other day in the hot humid weather but did this heat and humidity affect it? Will it ever come back?? I love the tree and don’t want to give up on it!



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    Are you watering it during the day? This could be your problem. If it’s hot and humid out, you should be ideally watering very early in the morning (5-6AM) or very late at night (wee hours of the morning.) The reason for this is that the soil will become hot and parched in the sunlight, and water will just evaporate quickly in the heat of the day, and not be absorbed. Also, you need to make sure it’s planted in a location where it is protected from bright sunlight…they prefer a little bit of shade.

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