Is brown rice more eco-friendly than white rice?



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    Interesting question. In order to make white rice, the inner husk and germ of the seed has to be removed and the grain pollished. This process requires more energy and so in that sense has more impact on the environment than brown rice.

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    Simply put, yes. To create white rice, there are added steps which take more energy. The germ and the inner husk of the seed is taken away and the grain is then polished using glucose or talc. Brown rice is also healthier for you since it does not lose nutrients through the extra processes that are required to make white rice.

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    To echo the answers above, brown rice is healthier for you and less processed than white rice therefore would reuire fewer steps and energy to make.  But to add insult to injury in the environmentally friendly and processed food department, white rice is often synthetically fortified with the nutrients it loses in the de-hullling process to make white rice out of the natural brown stuff. 

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    As stated above, the processing of white rice takes more energy (and likely more water); however, the environmental impact from growing the rice in the field is not necessarily better for brown vs. white rice. 

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