Broomfield Colorado – where can I take old fencing material (posts



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    I made a quick search for wood recycling in Broomfield, CO and did not find anything in your exact city.  Here is a link to the results, some are in Boulder, Denver or Golden

    I noticed that one of the businesses listed was habitat for humanity, you might consider donating these items to them as they may be able to do some good out of them as is. Another idea is to post an ad on craigslist, you might be able to find someone to take them off your hands, or you could see if any neighbors have plans to cut down and wood chip any trees this season, perhaps they will let your toss a few extra items in.

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    I looked at your city’s website and it linked me to I found a list of hard to recycle material there, you should check out the list and determine which works best for you. See the citation below.

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