Is bromine harmful to wildlife?

I’m having an algae buildup in my concrete fountain which my Foutain cleaning blocks aren’t helping. I’d like to see if using a bromine tablet would work instead, but I don’t want to kill any birds that might use the water.

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    Some bromine chemicals are quite harmful, including bromine tablets.

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    Bromine tablets do come with a great deal of risks, both to wildlife and your own health. Bromine can burn and irritate, and is especially dangerous if it is either inhaled or comes into contact with eyes. My recommendation would be to seek another method.

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    If your fountain isn’t too large and you have time on your hands, this page gives some advice on how to remove algae from your fountain and clean out your fountain to remove algae growth anytime in the near future:

    It will take time and manual labor though it doesn’t look too difficult. And it will leave the water safer for you and wildlife than if you use bromide tablets.

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