Is bromine harmful for humans?



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    Yes, it is.  In its liquid state, bromine fumes causes irritation of the throat and eyes.  In its gaseous state, inhalation of bromine can be poisonous.  Bromine can alter a human’s genetic materials, cause the nervous system to malfunction, and can do damage to the lungs, kidneys, liver, as well as cause other gastrointestinal problems.  If it touches your skin, it can cause painful sores, as well.  Likewise, bromine causes negative changes in the environment when it is improperly disposed of.  It mainly affects fish, lobster, algae, and daphnia.

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    To add to Tristin’s answer, in a recent study high levels of bromine in the air has been found to initiate oxidation of mercury.  Oxidized mercury is a more toxic form than that of elemental mercury, and was previously thought to only occur at the poles.  High levels of bromine above seas could affect the fish living there, if there are exposed to oxidized mercury.  Which in turn can affect those who eat those fish.

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