is broken glass recyclable in Oakland, CA?



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     Most recycle centers accept glass in any form, broken or otherwise. Call your local recycle center to make sure. I would definitely recycle anything you think might be recycle-able. The amount of oil used in manufacturing and transporting things like bottles (especially “new” ones,) is out of control! Also remember to BUY recycled products; If people don’t support the recycling business, a great deal of the recycled materials simply go into the dump. Making an effort to recyle can not be over-estimated. Furthermore, try re-using materials first… Broken glass, for example, can also be used for art projects by using a rock tumbler. 

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      This is incorrect… there are many kinds of glass making processes, and many recycling programs DO NOT accept anything that is not “container glass”, i.e. soft drink bottles and other glasses marked as recyclable. Please do not throw something like a broken mirror, or picture frame into the recycling bin!

      Please, just run a Google search rather than depending on answers without sources. Most of the municipal waste-management agencies report this to be the case on their websites.

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      Well, I can’t edit comments. That sucks. I wanted to credit the poster of the answer and excuse myself; the wording I used was a little aggressive. The point I’m concerned with is that only specific glass is recyclable curbside. I live in Oakland, CA, and you should not be tossing anything but recyclable container glass in there.

      Glass is made through different processes, and some kinds may include chemicals that would make container glass unusable if mixed in the recycling process.

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      No worries… You’re probably right that some glass isn’t excepted, and I must have overlooked that in my quick researching. Good information fellow Eco-friend! Cheers.

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    There is one type of glass that is not recyclable–that is the glass in your windshield. There is only one machine in the country that can recycle auto glass so it ends up in landfills. But windshields can be repaired and members of the Global Glass Conservation Alliance (GGCA) are dedicated to preserving all glass that can be preserved. Repair is easy, inexpensive and won’t break your car’s factory seal. For a list of National Windshield Repair Association (GGCA) dedicated members, visit

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