Is brewing beer bad for the environment?



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    Like most industries it all depends on scale and intent. Many microbreweries are on the cutting edge of sustainable business practices, especially since they are generally sold locally so don’t pollute through shipping across country or across the globe. Obviously big corporate conglomerates tend to be on the other end of that spectrum with one marked exception. Coors brewering company has made many strides towards zero impact production. That said microbrews also support local economies and are generally just tastier. For more info on how to “drink beer and save the world” check out the link below.

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    Good news: Not all beer is bad for the environment. I was so happy to learn that one of my favorite brewing companies is super green! The New Belgium Brewing Company (best known for their legendary Fat Tire Amber Ale, but they also produce a number of delicious seasonal brews) Their brewery is run on wind power and they also purchase carbon offsets to cover the rest of production. Suntubes provide light to the warehouses and old keg caps are made into tables. They also turn their waste products (spent grains and hops) into cattle feed. Temperature sensors open windows to cool the building when necessary, and heat that would be lost in the form of steam is captured and used to heat incoming water for the brewing process. ALSO they throw a big party every year called Tour de Fat, aimed at increasing bike riding and weight loss. They corral one person there into pledging not to use their car for one year. They sign it over and are given a custom fitted commuter bike. The festival uses compostable cups and has a solar powered sound system. They even party green!Good job New Belgium! Cheers!!



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