Is breast milk cheese a good idea?



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    In 2010, Daniel Angerer thought that it was a good idea when he started serving cheese made from his wife’s excess breat milk in his restaurant, Klee Brasserie.  According to Gael Greene, who tasted the cheese, it had a mild or even bland flavor and a very soft texture.

    According to Angere, because breast milk has a lower protein content it doesn’t curdle well, and he had to add in cow milk anyhow.  In addition, he was advised by the Department of Health that while breast milk cheese is not explicitly banned, he should not serve it to the public.

    That said, to me, personally, it does not seem like a good idea – but it can be done.

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    The amount of milk a mother produces a day would not be substantial to produce the cheese in significant amounts. A woman typical produces less than a pint of milk a day and is typically of a different composition that the milk used to produce cheese. The concept seems like more of a controversial gimmick or fad than an appealing consumable.

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