Is breakfast the most important meal to keeping you healthy?



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    It is important because breakfast is what gets your metabolism started in the morning, but it is not necessary to have a very big breakfast. Actually many studies have shown that eating small meals through out the day or grazing is actually more better for your health. This method avoids high peaks and drops in your blood sugar and thus prevents hunger pangs.

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    Breakfast is very important because at night time, your body is essentially fasting for eight hours and when you wake up, you essentially have an “empty tank of gas.” Thus, if you do not eat in the morning time, you are doing all or most activites on a low or empty tank of gas which cannot be good for the car or the body. The car, or the body, will slowly breakdown and get fatigued more easily. Also, it slows your metabolism a lot and makes you age faster as well.

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    Breakfast plays a critical role in your metabolism, but another aspect to consider is its position throughout the day. It is a good idea to get some healthy fats and other foods with a probable high caloric content (and considering the majority of people in the course of a normal work day can barely find time to eat regularly, a good meal is really important), but since it is posed upon you at the start of the day, it is a good time to consume your fats, which are high in calories. It’s a good idea to have less of a caloric load left over before you go to bed at night, and it might be the energy you need to keep you going until you can get to your next meal. Plus it can help curb your desire to compulsively snack until you get to a place which can afford you a healthier alternative. Basically, indulge yourself in breakfast every day, it’s good for you 🙂

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