I am not all that green in a few certain areas of which I am all to well aware. One of these areas is my consumption of plastics, and packagin materials for wrapping and storing foods. (I use foil, cellophane, and the occasional large or small “ziplock” baggie to store foods or other items)… once a bag gets dirty, it often gets thrown out. Sometimes I do wash the baggies, tear off the hard plastic from the seal portion of the bag, and then throw the plastic portion of the bag in the “to-be-recycled” plastic bags drawer in my kitchen, which, when it get fulls, I bring in to the local grocery store… but I don’t always salvage the small amount of plastic, and sometimes baggies are just too dirty to bother to try to wash them out (wastes g number of gallons of water)… MY QUESTION IS THIS:

Can anyone think of good solutions to the problem posed here below:

If you have a bag (say, for example’s sake: a large, gallon-sized ziplock bag, that had some amount of food contained in it —- say, a slice of pizza or two — so the bag) that is not completely soiled, and it could potentially be washed out and reused — after being dried, which is a challenge in and of itself — what should be done with it? Should the material be recycled? repurposed and resued? or should it just be washed and then reused again as a “fresh” bag?

Does anyone have any creative solutions or things they have put into practice themselves to try to minimalize the amount of waste that is generated in using ziplocks in general? (obviously, use tupperware, but what if for some reason it is a necessity to use a plastic bag?) Note, I am not referring to grocery bags, as these are now widely accepted at many grocery stores for recycling…. I am asking specifically about the bags (used for various purposes) that are made of clear plastic. Imagine a ziplock bag that you’d put a bunch of leftovers in. What do you do once those leftovers have been consumed?



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    I would say if you are already this conserned, you are going to end up doing better than the average ziploc bag consumer. I think the option to repurpose the ziploc bag is your best option of being a responsible consumer (assuming you had to use ziplocs in the first place).

    As far as creativity goes, you could reuse ziploc bags as a pastry bag, like amny people do.

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