Is BPA as bad as DDT?



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    I think we still don’t know a lot about BPA’s effects on the body, but I’m going to vote for DDT being worse.   DDT gets into the fat cells and stays there.  The average adult body has a better ability to eliminate BPA than DDT.  Both chemicals mimic estrogen in the body, but DDT can damage your nervous system.  True there is a big size difference between insects and humans, but have you ever seen how an ant wriggles and twitches when it’s been sprayed down?  The pesticide interferes with nerve impulses between the muscles, the same effect DDT has on an insect.    You’d need 236 mg per kilogram of your weight to die from DDT like that insect, but still a writhing ant is a picture with an impact.  

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    I think I’ll agree with americalibre on this one. In terms of the two as carcinogens, DDT was found in one study to actually increase cancer cell production and decrease the instance of natural cell death, while BPA only inhibits the natural death of the cancer cells. Not that BPA is good, but in terms of cancer it is maybe the lesser of two evils.

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