Is the BP oil spill still causing pollution almost a year later?



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    Some believe that the BP oil spill is still causing pollution and damage a year later. This is because marine life in the Gulf have shown signs of illness. What is troublesome is that the highest rate of sick fish are being found in areas of the Gulf most affected by the oil spill.

    Fisherman and scientists have seen signs of secondary infection in almost half of the red snappers that have been caught in the areas of the Gulf affected by the oil spill. 

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    To this day, tar balls continue to wash up on beaches surrounding the Gulf of Mexico; however, about 90% of the coast has been accepted as clean, and just a few weeks ago, BP was officially relieved of its cleanup duties.  This does not mean that their work is over, just that they can now move onto the next stage of the operation:  restoration of damaged habitats.

    Judging from past oil spills (such as the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989) pollution, and its consequences for local wildlife, will likely continue in the Gulf for years, and possibly decades, to come.

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