Is BP also a petroleum company or only a biofuels company?



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    One of BP’s subsidiaries is Arco–they’re a petroleum as well as a sustainable energy corporation. They’ve done an effective job of rebranding their image to come off as a just a biofuel company.

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    BP is, first and foremost, an oil company. In fact, the abbreviation actually stands for British Petroleum. BP is running a major public relations campaign designed to sell themselves to the public as a company investing in renewable energy. In fact, the great majority of their investments are still in oil, and the company has actually scaled back its already small commitments to renewables in the last year or so. BP is a major investor in the tar sands oil project in Canada, which has been called one of the worst environmental disasters in the world. Oil extracted from the tar sands pollutes up to the three times as much as ordinary petroleum, and the tar sands project is the most important reason why Canada is failing to meet its greenhouse emissions reduction goals under the Kyoto Protocol. BP will try to convince you it is a “green” company. But in fact, it is responsible for as much environmental destruction as almost any oil company in the world.

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