Is bouldering better for the environment than rock climbing with ropes?



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    It depends on whether or not one use removable protection or not, if one is careful about trail use, route ‘cleaning’ or not, and picking up as one leaves. Plus if a climber just tosses his old rack and rope instead of being creative in reusing it; that’s just adding to the landfills.  Bouldering more recently has been up for debate due to laziness at crags.  Should one leave behind and stash the crash pad to eliminate hauling it back and forth.  Chaulk or no chaulk.  If chaulk, eco friendly chaulk; being rock colored instead of stark white.  I would contest though that since bouldering is increasing in popularity due to less cost, and access, over use in accessing popular sites results in rapid erosion of trail and site deposition. 

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