Is botox organic?



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    I don’t think botox COULD be organic…unless you mean organic’s actual definition, which is carbon-based. Botox is a an extremely neurotoxic protein (proteins are carbon based…and thus organic) created by a bacterium. It’s a very dangerous product, and has a very low lethal dose.

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    I suppose in a technical sense, botox can be argued to be an organic product.  Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin, that is produced by a bacteria, which has been linked to causing muscle paralysis in large quantities.  The Merriam Webster dictionary defines “organic” as “of, relating to, or derived from living organisms.’  In a technical sense one could say it is organic.  Although it is not currently marketed under the USDA organic guildelines.

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    As far as my knowledge is concerned, Botox is not the least organic. Rather it is a chemical procedure in which some kind of anti-oxidants and other elements are injected into the skin and underlying areas of the face. I have heard many celebrities who have had Botox treatment but the results were only temporary.

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