Is Boston’s subway system a good one?



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    As a resident of Boston, I can say that the answer is no (mostly). There are delays and the trains seldom run on time. They’re overcrowded, messy, and out of date. The commuter rail system and bus system that work with the subway are equally unpredictable and inefficient. Boston, however, is a small city, and most places are accessible by walking and biking. I switched over to a bike and I not only save money but I’m getting exercise and I get most places as quick if not quicker than if I had taken the “T”. They recently switched to a reloadable card for fare collection, which is much better than the previous system, but it’s so dysfunctional that I wouldn’t be able to give it a favorable grade.

    Oh yea, it’s in massive debt as well (which is not completely the fault of the current administration) so I don’t know when its prospects will improve.

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