Is the book Climate Cover-up a must read for any greenie?



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    I haven’t read it yet, but after doing a bit of research on it, I think I’m going to… They had this to say about it on one review: “

    absolutely superb-one of the best dissections of the climate information war I
    have ever seen. This is one terrific piece of work!

    There is an important story behind the climate change denial effort that goes well beyond the scientific issues at hand. Its not our mission at RealClimate to tell that story, but there are others who are doing it, and doing it well. Hoggan and Littlemore are clearly among them. Read this book, and equally important, make sure that others who need to do as well.” I think it is important to know about people supporting the cause and those who are against it — and try to get inside the opposition’s heads and see where they are coming from — what their motivations are? So, quite possibly, it seems, this would be a way to do that. If you want a good “green-read” check out “The World Without Us” by Alan Weissman — this is a must-read if you ask me (for anyone who can handle a journalistic style — it reads almost like a text book at times, but it will open your mind to some interesting truths!)

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