Is bodybuilding bad for your body?



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    Body building (especially when taken to an extreme level) can have negative effects on one’s body.  A primary effect would be ligament and bone deformation resulting from improperly doing an exercise repeatedly.  Other effects could include calcium leaching from bones due to higher concentrations of muscle mass.  Inflexibility resulting from increased muscle volume could be another result of intense body building.

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    There are some negative long term effects of bodybuilding. One negative effect could be joint pains, especially at the pains. Many bodybuilders develop this join pain due to improper form during squats. Bodybuilders also develop bad knees because they run too much. Many bodybuilders run alot to maintain their body defintion, it causes strains on your joints and inflammation. Another longterm negative effect is turning muscle into fat. When bodybuilders work out, they eat massive amounts of food and cancel it out with massive amounts of weight training and aerobic exercise. This gets people used to eating some unhealthy amounts of food, and when people do stop bodybuilding, even for a little while, it will lead to an increase in weight. It will be difficult for people to change their body habits and as people get older and start to have families and can no longer bodybuild as frequently, the weight will accumulate. 

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