Is boating bad for the environment?

What is their negative impact?



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    Boating can have a variety of negative effects on aquatic environments. The exhaust emissions, chopping motions of the propeller, and noise disturbance can damage the flora and fauna living in the waters. Boating has been found to cause long-term water pollution and shoreline erosion. Due to the increased numbers of boats in waterway systems, it is also increasingly important to enact regulations and conservation measures.

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    What I consider “boating” is white water rafting, which can have bad consequences on the fragile environments surrounding rivers if waste is not properly disposed of. There is a pack in, pack out policy. Everything you take with you has to come out with you, including feces. I think boating is not bad for the environment when rafters are careful enough which isn’t hard to do if you know what you are doing. Thankfully rangers monitor the area and prosecute wrong-doers. I think rafting is environmentally beneficial because people get to go into rarely touched, remote wildernesses. It really takes you away from civilization and puts you closer to nature. As for the kind of boating chelseyzellita talks about–not so much!

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