Is the blue whale the largest mammal of all time?



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    As far as we know, the blue whale is the largest mammal ever on Earth.  The heaviest blue whale weighed in at 171,000 kgs and measured over 90 feet long, while the longest whale came in at 110 feet.

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    Yes, blue whales are the largest mammal of all time.  They are actually the largest animal of all time, bigger even than the dinosaurs.  The largest whale measured was 171,000 kg, and 90 ft long.  The longest whale was 110 feet long, the length of 9 family sized cars.

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    There is a chance that there were larger creatures, but they would have to be sea creatures. Living on land would have suffocated them, due to gravity and their large size. As far as we know, blue whales are the largest creatures that have existed, but with scientists discovering animals that come close in size, like Leviathan Melvillei, it’s easy to wonder if there were larger animals.

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