Is blogging green?



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    Since blogging is done on the internet rather than on paper one’s first instinct may be to think that its “green” because it doesn’t require cutting down forests. However, this discounts the energy use that the internet requires. Recent reports indicate that the energy use of servers continues to climb at an alarming rate. This must also be considered when thinking about the greenness of blogging.

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    It can also be noted that a large majority of the population use the internet anyway for other purposes such as sending email, surfing, purchasing products, even downloading programs – so I would say that blogging would not make much of a difference in a sense that it won’t do that much harm to the environment. Thinking in these terms, perhaps blogging can be considered “greener” than going the extra mile of using print, therefore wasting even more paper. If there is less demand for paper, perhaps companies would cut back on their production. The internet is here to stay, it will continue to be used whether or not we blog.

    * The link I provided here is just a short article that states an example of how much paper is wasted everyday.

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