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    Step 1: Before cleaning mold from an area, make sure to seal off the room so that mold spores don’t travel to other rooms in the building or house.

    Step 2: Lightly mist the area with water where the mold is growing. If the mold is dry, there is a greater chance of mold spores becoming airborne during the cleaning process.

    Step 3: Clean the are using soap. Then use disinfectant to kill any remaining mold spores. Remember to also clean areas surrounding the mold growth.

    Step 4: The area that has been cleaned should be completely dry at the end of the cleaning process.

    Step 5: Remove mold and any cleaning supply used to clean the mold and discard these items into a heavy-duty plastic bag. Then take the plastic bag outside through a window and/or door in the room that was being cleaned. Transporting the bag containing the mold through other rooms will possibly contaminate other areas of the house or building.

    It is important that you reduce the moisture in the room or area where the fungal growth occurred to reduce future growth.

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    You have provided some very good tips. Its true that complete removal of mold requires a top-to-bottom house cleaning, often utilizing special chemicals or tools. You will need to detect and remove every single colony of mold to ensure that it will not grow and spread.

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