Is birth control bad for the environment?



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    Possibly. Some studies suggest that the estrogen in birth control pills can be harmful to the environment. Some of the hormones may be passed with urine into sewage water and eventually into a lake or river. Once in a marine environment, the hormones have been shown to decrease the fertility of male fish and create intersex fish as well. There is some debate, however, as to whether this problem should be addressed by regulating the pills more, or by improving water treatment facilities so they can prevent the hormones from getting back into the environment.

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    used Nuva Rings and birth control patches are also a problem for the environment; as opposed to the pill, these are thrown directly into the garbage which also releases additional estrogen into the environment.  However, what also must be considered is that some hair products (such as some hair products marketed to African American women) contain estrogen which poses human health problems, as well as problems in the environment.  Plastics also release estrogen into the environment, and as we all know, a lot of plastic particles are floating in our oceans…

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