Is bird seed tasty?



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    I have never personally tasted it, but seeing how birdseed is generally made out of a mixture of regular ingredients – fruits, millets, vegetables, nuts – I would imagine it would taste ordinary to humans and quite tasty for birds since they seem to enjoy it. 

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    I’ve never tasted it either, but bird seed can be nutritious.  Millet, which is in a lot of bird diets, is one of the healthiest and most fibrous whole grains out there.  One just have to be careful with the consumption of too many seeds.  It can easily upset the stomach and be hard on the digestive system.  

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    Well, since you asked so plainly, I feel free enough to once again flash my crazy-vegan/parrot-lover card again and admit on the Internet that yes, I have tasted birdseed. More than once, actually. 

    And let me tell you that tasty is quite a strong word.

    That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with bird seed; it’s just very, very, VERY bland. Which is the way most birds like their grains – plain and taste free. However, this does not easily translate well to the human tastebud system, as we generally require things like millet to be cooked, seasoned, and possibly sweetened before they cross the tenuous line from nutritious to outright taste.

    And may I also say that this only applied to run-of-the-mill, Petco level birdseed. The more gourmet stuff (more like trail mix or muesli than real bird seed) that has chopped fruits and nuts and other things thrown in, is–dare I say it?–pretty much a taste sensation.

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