Is biology connected with chemistry?



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    Definitely.  Many biology subjects use chemistry, such as genetics, biochemistry, immunology, and many chemistry subjects require biology for a full understanding (organic chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, etc.).

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    As beth1234 said, definitely. The connection between biology and chemistry is why we started off with biochemistry in my biology class. Chemistry is unbelievably important in understanding biological functions. For example, cell membranes are comprised of lipids, which are hydrophobic, and proteins, creating a permeable barrier through which cells can travel. We understand how this works because we know that certain molecules have or don’t have electrical charges. Thus, the chemical makeup of these structures is important in understanding their functions.

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      I would feel better about this answer if I corrected one sentence.

      For example, cell membranes are comprised of phospholipids, which have hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions (regions which dislike and like water, respectively), and proteins, creating a semi-permeable barrier through which selected cells can travel.

      Okay, now I feel better.

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