biodivesity means



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    To me it means two things. (1) How many different animal and plant species are living and (2) How much variety is in the genes of each species due to cross breeding. In breeding will reduce genetic variation.

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    On, biodiversity is defined as “the variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes in which they occur.” This can include things ranging from the differences between species of plants and animals to the genetic differences between humans. Genetic biodiversity for example is typically seen as a good thing because vast diversity prevents recessive genes from becoming too prevalent; too many recessive or similar genes can cause potential development or health problems in a life form. Biodiversity in an ecosystem keeps populations of all species involved in check, so that the environment remains in constant harmony. Biodiversity can also play into food chains to keep up sustainability of certain environments as well, so that no one species becomes too dominant to upset the balance of the ecosystem.

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