Is a bio-diesel electric hybrid a zero emissions car?



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    Bio-diesel plug-in hybrid vehicles are not zero emission cars. Although bio-diesel is a great alternative fuel to gasoline, its combination with electric only lowers the emissions instead of reducing them completely. Of course, this type of bio-diesel electric hybrid vehicle is a great alternative eco-car. It will lower a consumer’s fuel costs, reduce emissions, and recharging (either bio-diesel or electricity) will be more readily available. However, all electric vehicles are the best alternative as all the benefits of a bio-diesel electric hybrid will be even more enhanced and will be zero emission vehicles.

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    Unless and until we are able to produce only solar-, concentrating solar- (including wind- and wave-), and geothermal-powered machines using only renewable energy, there will never be such a thing as “zero emissions,” and even then it is still unlikely as we will more likely than not require combustion of some form of biomass, biofuel, or waste in order to provide a steady flow of power due to the intermittency of most renewable energy sources. Hybrid-electric vehicles of all types in particular are not zero-emissions because they maintain an onboard internal combustion engine, which is used to recharge the electric battery and also to provide power assistance during operation of the vehicle as necessary. However, even purely electric vehicles should not be referred to as “zero emissions” because tailpipe emissions are not the only ones that should be considered in a full life-cycle analysis.

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