bilogical clocks in bird



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    Female birds do indeed have biological clocks. As female birds age, their fertility wanes and they lay fewer eggs later in the season when there is less food available to feed their chicks. 

    Interestingly, scientists have also discovered that female fertility in birds has a lot to do with their mates. In a study done on blue tits (a type of forest bird found in Corsica, France), scientists found that fertility declined less quickly for females who continuously mated with early-reproducing male birds. The reason for this may be that male birds who reproduced at an earlier age are healthier and better-equipped mates and fathers. Researchers believe that these males may be in better condition or have less parasites than male birds that father later in life. Early reproducing male birds may also have more experience and thus, may be more helpful when it comes to raising chicks. 

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