Is Bill Gates or Sir Richard Branson doing more to save the environment?



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    Bill Gates has pledged Microsoft to join in the RED campaign with the goal of eradicating AIDS from Africa, in a collaboration with Dell computer company.  This means that for every computer sold, 50 to 80 dollars will be donated to the cause.  The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided 306 million dollars in grants to agricultural developments to assist small farmers in developing countries.  Richard Branson, a strong advocate for the fight against global warming, has invested $3bn in Virgin Fuels, for the development of bio fuels.

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    I’d say from a strictly environmental aspect Richard Branson is doing for the modern, developed world. His companies will be investing in green technologies $3 billion in this decade. For the private company that is a huge amount. Bill Gates is more involved with aid. His foundation concentrates on Africa, where infrastructure has yet to be developed. In the end both of them are remarkable people who’s path should be followed.

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    There was another post later on this area of the website that was talking about Bill Gates’ investment contribution to TWR (traveling wave reactor) so he is actually doing a lot on the technology advancements as well as aid.  It might be difficult to compare the two since they are both involved in so much, and on a personal level we can’t really specify who is doing more (daily conversations, spreading awareness outside of paid advertisements, investments and donations).

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