Is bill gates helping push America toward a greener future?



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    Based on previous GreenAnswer questions, the Gates Foundation seem to focus more on global environment in general. You can view these questions and answers here:

    However, I have found an article published by the New York Times which details Gates’ efforts to promote clean energy in America. For example, Gates and others founded the American Energy Innovation Council, which had lobbied the federal government to spend $16 billion a year on renewable energy development in 2010. Also, Bill Gates as an individual has invested in clean energy startups.

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    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on pervasive third world issues, which are related to the environment but are human issues first — disease, sanitation, hunger, and poverty. Bill Gates as an individual also has invested in clean energy startups, but he believes that climate change and clean energy are too large of issues for philanthropy to make much of a dent.

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