Is Bill Gates donating any money to stop global warming?



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    In 2010 Bill Gates donated $700,000 to the campaign against California’s Prop 23, a proposition that would suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act. 

    In the same year he also gave $300,000 to a geoengineering company called Silver Linings for their ‘cloud whitening’ technology. (Cloud whitening would have a fleet of ships pump ocean water into the air which would the thickness of the water vapor making the clouds whiter and more reflective). 

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    The donations that jmendez cited are the donations he’s made most directly opposing global warming, but many of his other donations are also key towards combatting climate change. His efforts towards population control and development in the third world are pertinent towards climate control — the third world must have sustainable infrastructure and in-control populations for combatting climate change holistically to be feasible. In addition, Bill Gates has invested billions in clean energy. He’s also delivered powerful speeches on climate change.

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