Is bike theft one reason why people don’t ride their bikes as much as they should?



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    No, I think the reason people don’t ride bikes as much as they should is mainly because they don’t want to exercise. Riding a bike to work would be fine if it didn’t take so much exertion; nobody wants to arrive at work sweaty from a workout. It’s also not very feasible in cities like Los Angeles to ride bikes to work because of the distance you would have to go in order to get to work. In this case, saving time is also a factor. However, I get the sense that biking is beginning to catch on more and more because of the green movement and examples set by other countries, so I think we will only see a rising trend in people riding bikes.

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    Sure, bike theft can prevent people from riding their bikes–if your bike is stolen and you didn’t ride it that often anyway, you’re less likely to go out and purchase a new one right away. This can definitely cut down on bike riding. When my bike, which was a gift, was stolen, I didn’t get a replacement for two years–until I happened to have one passed down to me. I missed out on a lot of great bike riding. However, the fact that bikes are being stolen suggests that they are in demand-people want to use them! So, bike theft doesn’t necessarily result in overall decreased bike usage; it may result in people obtaining bikes who will use them more often (depending upon the reasons for theft and whether or not it was stolen for parts). Other reasons people don’t ride bikes as often as they should include lack of motivation, unwillingness to pay for gear such as helmets, bike locks, or time constraints–people think they are just too busy. 

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