Is the big garbage patch in the ocean the largest concentration of garbage in the world?



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    Depends on which ocean. Each of the oceans has their own garbage patch, caught in currental conluxes called “gyres” where mostly plastics have collected. It is important to note, however, that these garbavge piles are not dumps as we think of them. Instead, plastic and othe rnonbiodegradable materials are broken up into tiny pieces tha hang just below the surface of the water, held there by currents. So while there is a lot of garbage there, since there is a distinct lack of biological material (for long), it is not necessarily any more than a very large dump that can also extend vertically, and may contain packed biological matter.

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    I believe it is.  It’s called the “8th continent” and continues to grow.  They’ve said cleaning it up would cause more harm to the marine life than it already has, because it would be the same thing as vacuuming every inch of the united states.


    Below are some pictures to match the description nebblacktip gave you about what it’s like.Garbage Patch

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