Between labour, transportation, market, location, raw materials and climate what are the two most important factors in influencing commercial agriculture. Explain why.

Raw materials: products need to be in a place that they don’t rot away quickly. transportation:transporting goods to the market. Market: where they sell the products. Labour:people to do the agriculture and get food from the soil at the right times so we don’t end up eating that still has to grow something or basically whatever they pick has to be ripe enough to eat. Location: the place where the products will be sold t should be a confortable place for the products so that they don’t rot. Cimate: needs to be growing with the precipatation that its suppose to use to grow.



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    Good luck with your Econ 101 take-home test.  My answer to your question would be “Shakespeare, Voltaire, and Rousseau”.  Or maybe that’s for another one of your classes…

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    You could easily argue that any two of these are the most important, given particular circumstances.

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