Between the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf which gets better MPG?



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    This is a great question and doesn’t presently have a clear answer, at least until the EPA decides how it will label MPG on hybrid/electric and full electric vehicles. Chevy claimed at one time that the Volt would average 230mpg – based on the fact that most of the time it will be run on electricity within it’s 40 mile range. Under this same logic Nissan claimed that the Leaf will trump the Volt to average 367mpg. One could debate that because the Leaf is a zero emission, full electronic vehicle that it can’t be measured in miles per gallon because there is no gas, and therefore no gallons. A better measure might be miles per kilowatt-hour, which would target the electricity usage.

    So for now the debate on which car gets better “mpg” is up in the air. The Leaf claims that it will get 100 mies per charge compared to the Volt’s 40 mile range and that may be the only comparison we can look at for now.

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