the best way to save nature?



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    I don’t think there is a simple universal answer on how to save nature. It is more of a multi-layered answer, spurring many questions in its wake, such as “What is it that is destroying nature?” and “How can we prevent these things?” Most of what is killing nature is human disregard for it, even though we in fact need nature to survive, which in itself is a bit of a paradox. Without sounding like an oversimplification, I believe the road to recovery can be summed up in a few steps. First, we stop poisoning and destroying the planet by eliminating as much unnecessary waste as possible and begin using methods of running our societies that do not hurt nature further (i.e. clean energy, conservation practices, etc.). Then we begin to clean up the mess we’ve made by actively cleansing polluted areas and mending broken ecosystems through technology and therapy. Lastly, we integrate our modern societies with nature, achieving new technologies and statuses of living in tandem with nature rather than destroying it to build our own breakthroughs. How long and how much effort it will take to accomplish this cannot be estimated right now, but it does need to happen regardless. Something tells me though that it cannot begin until we as a planet find a viable source of renewable energy to run our societies on. 

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