Is nuclear energy the best way to power America?



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    The answer is highly debated. I think it is somewhat of a toss up between yes and no. Here’s why: Nuclear energy is the best way we have RIGHT NOW to make the tremendous amount of energy that we Americans (and all of our Commerce) require(s). This is because there is little or no direct environmental damage (as long as the nuclear waste is stored correctly–but this in itself creates a HUGE PROBLEM!) associated with it, all that comes out of those smokestacks is steam. Compare this to a coal plant and nuclear looks like an eco-angel! But if something goes wrong….BOOM the local environment is destroyed and temperatures can reach unGodly levels. So NUCLEAR is only the best if we need that incredible amount of energy…. and WE DON’T! What we need to do is change the infrastructure of energy creation over to green, sustainable technologies (and count nuclear for the time-being, but one day when we have built and converted the industry to green, sustainable environmental standards, then STOP USING NUCLEAR because we do not want to have so much radio-active waste pile up that this causes an even worse problem.

    My answer is sort of Now, Yes. Soon, after we build more wind, solar, and geothermal plants, and curb our overall consumption issues, then definitely NO!

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