the best outdoor protective measures to avoid dengue and other mosquitoes is/are



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    The Aedes mosquito, the carrier of dengue fever, prefers to breed in areas where water can easily be found and reached. That being said, there are numerous measures that can be taken to prevent the mosquito from breeding. Be sure to clean flower vases and potted plants that use water, and change the water daily. Avoid using plant pot plates, and clean them thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs. Cover bamboo holders, as water can easily accumulate inside them. Clear the water from drains and air conditioning systems when able. Create a habit of regularly changing the water in bird baths and other water-holding containers in the area. Additionally, always wear mosquito repellant when you’re outside, and try to keep your skin covered. Other preventative measures can be found in the links provided.

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    • to keep the surface dry
    • mix oil in the open or accumulatedwater
    • to keep usable water covered
    • antimosquitoes/dengue sprays
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