Besides recycling what can I do to help the environment?



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    All sorts of things! To start remember all of the Rs- Reduce- try to use less, don’t buy things you don’t need, and buy items that have the least amount of packaging. Reuse- buy things used, clean things disposable plastic cups instead of throwing them out. Recycle which you mentioned. Rebuy- create a market for things made from recycled materials, remember the more post consumer waste the better. Lastly Re-purpose, Broke the handle off your coffee mug? Well now it is a great pen holder! Be creative!

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    To add something better for the environment than recycling is reusing products. Also invest in more eco-friendly products like seventh generation paper towels toilet paper, tissue and green works cleaning supplies, to name a few.

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    Instead of always jumping in your car, be sure to walk or bike as often as possible. Take advantage of public transportation and carpool as often as possible. Bring your own bags wherever you go, and ditch the plastic water bottles for a reusable one.

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    Eat a vegetarian diet and purchase products that are both environmentally and animal friendly. Factory farming is one of the worst polluters in the world.

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