Besides the pine beetle and mistletoe what are some diseases that trees can get?



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    Chestnut blight, various types of root rot, and blister rust fungus are some common tree diseases.

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    Most tree deaths (apart from logging, of course) in the United States are caused by one of twenty diseases. These include American Chestnut Blight, which basically wiped out the American Chestnut tree as a commercial tree in the eastern part of the country, and Amillaria Root Rot, which is prevalent all over the country and has been a major cause of root decline.

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    Dutch Elm Disease first affects individual branches, slowly spreading to wilt the leaves and eventually killing the trees.  Mass efforts have been made to attempt to stop the spread of this disease, because it has devastated all over the United States.  Canada does not allow firewood to be brought into the country and has special lockboxes at customs to dispose of firewood to try to keep outbreaks as isolated as possible.

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