Besides the light bug are there other insects that glow?



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    Fireflies, glow worms, millipedes, and centipedes all glow with bioluminescence. There are also a large number of fish, marine vertebrates, and mushrooms that glow too!

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    Glow-worms and fire-flies belong to a family of beetles called the Lampyridae. These are the most common glowing insects as we think of “glowing”. there are some insects such as the owlet moth, the luna moth and others whose eyes glow at night. this is actually a reflection from light sources but appears as a glow at night.

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    Glow worms appear to emit a blue-green light by means of going through certain chemical reactions that lead them to excrete waste products. It is this excretion that makes them appear to be glowing. There are also several fluorescent arthropods that are known to have some compounds in them that fluoresces under UV light. E.g. some scorpions and millipedes.

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