Beside the Aurora borealis what affect do solar winds have on the Earth?



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    The aurora is just one effect of the magnetospheric substorms caused when increased solar energy flows into the magnetosphere at the Earth’s poles. Solar activity can disrupt power, navigation and communication systems, causing blackouts and affecting satellites. The radiation from solar winds is extremely harmful as well, and is known to cause chromosome damage and cancer (seen in astronaughts and cosmonaughts). If you want to see an informative video about it, you can check out one made by NASA here.

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    Solar winds bombard our atmosphere all the time, creating those wonderful lights in the night sky near the poles. Strong solar winds can react with the earth’s magnetic field quite violently, and can cause satellites to malfunction or even be destroyed. Electrical grids and communication can also be affected, causing blackouts if the magnetic sub storm is powerful enough. The magnetosphere around the Earth protects life, for if we didn’t have it, we would be cooked on the surface of the planet. 

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