Is benzene bad for the environment?



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    Yes.  Benzene is considered a toxic pollutant and has a highly acute affect on aquatic life.  The long term effects of aquatic life living in benzene polluted water include shortened lifespan, reproductive problems, lower fertility and changes in appearance or behavior.  It can also contaminate soil causing root systems to be damaged and has been known to ruin agricultural crops.  Benzene can also enter the atmosphere and can contribute to smog build-up.

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    Benzene is present naturally in the environment, but only in small percentages of benzene is released into the air, water, and soil each year. Human activities are responsible for a large portion of the benzene released into the environment. Benzene is present in gasoline fumes and fumes emitted from industrial facilities that manufacture plastics, synthetics, and rubber.

    Benzene can also evaporate from contaminated water or soil. Benzene typically remains the air for several days before decomposing. So it isn’t harmful in small amounts.

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