beneficial and harmful effect of volcanoes erruption



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    Volcanoes are major forces of destruction that also provide surrounding areas with lots of benefits. 

    Benefits:  Volcanic soild is very rich – erruptions lead to deposits of very rich soil that last tens of thousands of years.  Volcanic erruptions lead to the creation of new islands – this is how the Hawaiian islands were formed.  Volcanoes also produced certain gems such as opal and obsidian – this is the only way which they are formed.  They are also a giant source of geothermal energy. 

    Harmful effects:  Volcanoes have led to over 100,000 deaths worldwide.  Erruptions can wipe out surroundig towns, crops, roads, forests and other habitats.  Deposited ash can cover areas for many years to come (EVENTUALLY this becomes nutrient rich soil).  Lava flows can also block streams and rivers causing mudslides and floods. 

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