Is being overweight bad for the environment or is getting overweight what is bad for the environment?



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    Both.  Food is the source of 1/5th of the greenhouse gas emissions.  Therefore, eating more of it will cause you to indirectly produce more.  See below for more details.

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    It is hard to break it down as simply as that, but here is what we do know: about 64% of Americans are overweight or obese.  There are many reasons for that, but one is lack of physical activity.  This includes driving and taking elevators when unnecessary.  A sedentary lifestyle may include more television.  All of these things are worse for the environment than outdoor, active alternatives.

    Then there is the food.  Problems with high fructose corn syrup and trans fats include obesity and these are often found in mass-produced products that are unhealthy, overpackaged and shipped far and wide.  Again, all of these things are bad for the environment.  Eating more is worse for the environment.  It takes more resources and if you think about the emissions required to raise animals for meat, to grow crops, to irrigate, to package, to ship, to cook—this is all bad for the environment.  Then there are pesticides, fertilizer runoff into rivers that create dead zones in the sea, the list goes on.

    This doesn’t mean overweight people are destroying the environment.  It’s all related to the consumer, fast-food, meat-eating, SUV-driving culture that has been created in America and exported to many other countries.  It’s not inherently evil, but now that it is clear how bad this lifestyle is for the environment and how unhealthy it is for people, it is obvious that what is good for us is also better for the planet.

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    I would have to say both too–there is nothing good for yourself or for the environment with being obese.  You are consuming more resources than you need, causing more emission, and simply using more energy to do everything, whether it’s walking, or riding in a car. Most of the food that is consumed that leads to a person getting obese is also bad for the environment, such as corn syrup mentioned above.  If it’s bad for the environment, it can also be bad for the body, the mind, and the soul.

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    Yes living an overindulging lifestyle is bad for the environment, but to blame it on obesity is discriminatory and rude. Size has nothing to do with hurting the environment. Skinny people can be just as sedentary, overindulgent, consumerist, over-eating, and littering as fat people. To try to blame fat people is to sidestep the real issue of waste in our society. 

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