Is being vegan much better than being vegetarian?



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    People are vegetarian and vegan for different reasons. Many vegetarians and vegans simply aren’t fond of meat or choose the diet for other personal health reasons. If you’re vegan because you’re concerned about factory farming or other industrial agricultural practices, however, there are a lot of reasons why being vegan may better fit your personal beliefs — simply not eating meat does not address other ways in which animals are exploited and hurt by the industry. Vegans are also concerned with the way dairy cows and hens are treated and avoid dairy and eggs, for example, and refrain from wearing or purchasing leather and other animal products. Honey is a food few people realize isn’t vegan, but some people are very concerned with the methods used to farm honey. It’s really a subjective measure, though, and the decision is one that is probably best left to the individual.

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    As someone who made the switch from vegetarian to vegan a few years ago, I would say that being vegan is definitely better for your health, for the animals, and for the planet. Milk and egg production still exploits animals and the environment. More often than not, milk and eggs are the product of factory farms which produce more greenhouse gases than anything else; not to mention the rampant cruelty present in these facilities. Excluding animal products entirely reduces the amount of pollutants that are released by the manufacture of leather, wool, dairy products, and eggs. A well-balanced diet free from animal products is better for you: no cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower rates of hypertension and cancer, and an improved peace of mind.

    Beging vegetarian is a great start and being vegan is even better. I was vegetarian for about 14 years before I switched to vegan and I definitely notice the difference in how clean my body feels. Since becomming vegan, my skin is clearer, my body functions better, and I feel better overall.

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    On a strictly dietary plane, yes.  However, it depends on your choices.  Remember, potato chips are vegan!  Be careful about your choices, and a vegan diet can be extremely healthful.

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    This is a very arbitrary and subjective question. First of all, it depends how you define “better,” and what your criteria would be. Vegetarians and vegans both do not eat any meat, fish, or poultry. In addition to this though, vegans do not eat anything that contains or was processed with any animal products, such as dairy or eggs. There are slight differences in the restrictiveness of the two diets, but I think it would be hard to describe one as being better than the other. They are both beneficial in different ways, and depend on the person. Just because a vegan cuts out more animal products than a vegetarian does not make them a better person, or fighting for a better cause. Both run the risk of hurting themselves in the process if they are not careful with their diets, and their actions beyond just diet are also important. For example, many non-food products are made from animals, and removing those from your lifestyle can also make your actions “better.”

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