Is being in the Greenpeace a good thing for your resume?



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    It depends where you’re trying to apply! It is illegal to discriminate based on political viewpoints, but some employers can still do it. However, if you’re trying to apply to an environmental organization, being a member of Greenpeace can show commitment to issues. However, I am answering this question assuming you mean that you’ve actually volunteered with the organization, not that you just give them money. And volunteer work can often help you look more well-rounded on your resume.

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    It depends on where you are planning to apply for a job. In general I would say it’s probably a bad thing to have on your resume because Greenpeace has generated a lot of criticism and controversy. It is difficult to gauge what your future employers will think about Greenpeace. If they are also an environmental organization it could be a very good thing to have on a resume. If you were looking for a job in the oil industry or with the Republican National Committee, it’s probably going to be a deterrent.

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