Is being green too expensive for the lower and middle class?



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    Although being green can save people money in the long run, for many people, making a transition to a greener lifestyle may be an expensive way to live if you are talking about going hybrid, updating appliances to energy saving models, and buying organic food and products that cost a little more, etc.; sometimes, people put higher values on money and simplicity than they do on our planet and the environment, and that’s perfectly appropriate under most circumstances, so without blowing the bank, everybody, lower, middle, and upper class citizens alike, should at least try to put some effort forth to show a little green side.

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    Individuals with lower incomes can still take many environmental steps to reduce their impact. Many actions, such as more effective use of water and energy, will result in a cost savings rather than an expense. Composting food straps is free and creates rich soil. Hang drying clothing reduces energy use and has no expense involved. Using library books will reduce the demand for book production and, again, is free. Recycling, biking, and home-made natural cleaning products are all low to no cost ways of acting sustainably.

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