Is being addicted to food bad for the environment?



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    Food addiction can be a serious problem and also a tricky one to overcome as we all need food and its nutrients to survive.  Food addiction can be a very real thing though and should be treated as such. That being said, when food is used like a drug and the individual is severely obese (or even just overweight) because of their ‘use’ then yes, this could be bad for the environment. 

    If someone is addicted to food he’s probably not abusing carrots and celery, instead he is most likely eating very unhealthy foods for himself and the environment.  Fast food and junk food is not only bad for humans but bad for the earth because it is made with tons of processed chemicals and produced by companies who have little or no regard for the environment. 

    What’s more is that if anyone is ever using or consuming more than s/he needs then it is putting an unnecessary strain on the environment because s/he is drawing on resources that s/he doesn’t need.  The earth is already stressed enough by trying to create and sustain resources for the population that already exists so if anyone takes more than his/her share it can put undue forces on the already fragile environment. 

    See below for links on treating food addiction and its related problems:

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    I think it depends on what kinds of food you are addicted to. If you are addicted to organically and locally grown produce then that’s not as bad. Fruits and vegetables are good for you and most people don’t get enough of that. Your addiction may be welcomed by the vendors because it helps their business grow and become more sustainable financially. If you are addicted to meat and processed food, then personally you may suffer some negative health impacts, which will be bad for your livelihood. It also encourages the businesses that make those foods. One person doesn’t create a lot of change, but contributes ever so slightly. 

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